Power of the Land

“There is nothing so great as to catch an animal and share it with my people. The animals are our flesh and blood. Without them we cannot survive.”

– Inuit Elder

Nunuap Nukinga

The Power of the Land

It is who we are. We have always had to struggle to survive for we are linked to the land and the animals and the circle of life. If the land is destroyed, the circle is broken and we cannot survive.
This is the power of the land.

Nunuap Nukinga (lnuktitut for “Power of the Land”) is a 48-minute documentary that presents the questions, concerns and traditional knowledge of northern Quebec Inuit whose homelands are threatened by the proposed damming of the Great Whale River. In northern Quebec Inuit speak collectively for the first time of the potential devastating impact on their whole way of life posed by the ongoing work of the James Bay project. The voice of the Inuit echoes throughout the film with wisdom, caution and fear, reminding us all of the great social and environmental costs of mega-project development.

Using powerful testimonials and rare archival footage, the film conveys how colliding perspectives of the land and development must be reconciled in the years to come to ensure indigenous and global environmental survival. Key to this process is the work of Quebec Inuit leader Mary Simon, who is a driving force in ensuring her people have a voice in such environmental struggles both locally and globally.

Produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada, The Ontario Film Development Corporation, and Rogers Telefund. Produced in association with CKVR-Television. A Breakthrough Films & Television Production

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