This is a critical time for Canadian history.

Now more than ever, special effort is required to prevent our stories and legacies from disappearing, and it is the King & Empire Foundation’s mission to support this effort. Please join us in keeping our stories alive. We are a registered charity so contributions can be tax deductible.

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Thirteen Years After

Help us make history by donating to support the Thirteen Years After audio series. In 15 episodes, hear bestselling author Will Bird recount his fascinating 1931 journey back to the old battlefields of the First World War. Will recalls the memorable nights spent with his closest friends and the deadly combat he saw at Vimy, the Somme and Passchendaele. Read more

The Trial of August Sangret

Help us make history by donating to support the August Sangret audio series. In 10 episodes we present the story of August Sangret, a Métis from Battleford, Saskatchewan, who was charged with murdering his girlfriend Joan Pearl Wolfe, and subsequently tried and hanged by a British Court. Did August Sangret get a fair trial? Read more


Searching for Vimy’s Lost Soldiers

You may watch the full Directors Cut of Searching for Vimy’s Lost Soldiers. Funded in part by your Contributions!

Searching For Vimy’s Lost Soldiers excerpts

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Foundation Archive

Foundation videos are available to the public for educational, research, private study and non-commercial uses only.

Searching for Vimy’s Lost Soldiers
Geophysicists, bomb disposal, and forensic investigators on a mission

Battlefield Mysteries
Uncovering secrets of four intriguing mysteries

Tank Battles
Easting | Golan Heights | North Africa | The Bulge | Western Front | Kursk
Including Normandy and Operation Blockbuster

Great War Tour
A seven-hour documentary series

In Korea
Veterans of the Korean war back at the front-lines

King & Country
Canadian soldiers in the Second World War 1939-1945

King & Empire
Acclaimed documentary about Canada’s WWI Soldiers

Lost Battlefields
The battles of Mount Sorrel and Hill 70

Striking Back
Canadians at Dieppe 1942 and in Bomber Command 1940-45

Secret Liberators
Canada’s SOE Agents in Occupied France

The Collectors
Alex Caldwell is a Canadian soldier who died during the Battle of the Somme

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