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The battlefield was littered with the wreckage of 5 German Tiger tanks, including the Tiger 007, the tank of the highest scoring SS Panzer Ace, Michael Wittmann. Wittmann was a legend to the Germans and his loss was devastating to the moral of the men but the Allies hadn't heard of him until 1983 when his remains were recovered from a lost grave in Normandy. Who killed Michael Wittmann? We had to recreate a 15 minute battle that took place 63 years earlier.
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Battlefield Mysteries Ep.1: Who Killed Michael Whittmann
Norm Christie looks at the evidence to determine who killed the Black Baron.
Battlefield Mysteries Ep.2: Bandits of the Air, Intruder Missions
WW2 Canadian pilot Russ Bannock recalls his Intruder missions flying the de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito.
Battlefield Mysteries Ep.3: The Siege at Malta
The siege of Malta was the most important battle in 1941 – 1942.
Battlefield Mysteries Ep.4: The Lost Graves of the International Brigade
The Spanish War, 1936-39, was one of the most complicated and passionate episodes in Modern History.