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An interview with 'Secret Liberator' Al Sirois
(full video coming soon) Among others, Secret Liberators includes an interview with Al Sirois, an SOE Wireless operator.
An interview with Butch Barton
'Butch' Barton served in the RAF during the Battle of Britain and the Battle of Malta.
An interview with Ed Mastronardi
Interviewed by Norm Christie in 2007. Incredible interview outlining Ed’s platoon defence of the Song-Gok against an attack by 1,000 Chinese.
An interview with Jim Moffet, from 'Striking Back'
(full video coming soon) Many of our documentaries have interviews. Here's an excerpt from Striking Back that includes an interview with Jim Moffet.
An interview with Jim Stirling
This interview was done in 2008 in anticipation of a TV Show Evaders & Escape Lines. Jim gave us a one piece interview, literally; one question and off he went.
An interview with Joe Ekins
On August 8, 1944, under incredible pressure, he destroyed 3 Tigers.
An interview with Jules Paivio
Paivio was the last surviving Canadian veteran of the Spanish Civil War, and of the Mackenzie–Papineau Battalion.
An interview with Ken Tout
He was there for the fight, and overheard much of the battle on his radio.
An interview with Lockie Fulton
Eyewitness to History: Major "Lockie" Fulton returns to the battlefields of Normandy 1944 to talk about D-Day.
An interview with Sydney Radley-Walters
His unit made up the eastern flank of what would be the trap that crushed Wittmann's Tigers.
An interview with Ted Leja
One of the turning points, seemingly unnoticed, of Our Canada, took place in front of the cameras and a live audience, May 17, 1963.
Battlefield Mysteries Ep.1: Who Killed Michael Whittmann
Norm Christie looks at the evidence to determine who killed the Black Baron.
Battlefield Mysteries Ep.2: Bandits of the Air, Intruder Missions
WW2 Canadian pilot Russ Bannock recalls his Intruder missions flying the de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito.
Battlefield Mysteries Ep.3: The Siege at Malta
The siege of Malta was the most important battle in 1941 – 1942.
Battlefield Mysteries Ep.4: The Lost Graves of the International Brigade
The Spanish War, 1936-39, was one of the most complicated and passionate episodes in Modern History.
Bloody Hills
Norm traces the origins of the Korean war, from the North Korean Invasion in June 1950, the battle for the Pusan Perimeter, the arrival of the Canadians, their first actions and the stand of the 2nd Patricias at Kapyong in April 1951.
Cry of the Ancestors
Small Inuit communities battle for survival against the harsh climate and the risk of famine.
For King and Country TV Series Ep.1: Passing the Torch
Veteran Peter Cock tells his story of the battle against a Wolfpack of more that 20 U-Boats in the story of convoy SC-42.
For King and Country TV Series Ep.2: Hour of Darkness Hong Kong 1941
Veteran Alf Babin of the Royal Rifles revisits St Stephens where he witnessed the slaughter of wounded, and tells his story.
For King and Country TV Series Ep.3: Italy The Forgotton Army Part One
Two Episodes on the Canadians in Sicily and Italy.
For King and Country TV Series Ep.4: Italy The Forgotton Army Part Two
Two Episodes on the Canadians in Sicily and Italy.
For King and Country TV Series Ep.5: Battles of Normandy
Veteran Lockie Fulton of the 'Winnipegs' takes us over his battleground, from the beaches to the Carpiquet airfield.
For King and Country TV Series Ep.6: Northwest Europe and the Pacific
After Normandy they all thought it was over, but 10,000 Canadians would die before the war in Europe would end 8 months later.
For King and Empire TV Series Ep.1: Baptism of Fire
This episode follows the early development of the Canadians, from enthusiastic volunteers in 1914, to confronting the Germans at Ypres.
For King and Empire TV Series Ep.2: Slaughter and Sacrifice
As more Canadians arrive on the Western Front, they are sent to fight in one of the bloodiest battles of the Great War.
For King and Empire TV Series Ep.3: Storming the Ridge
Moving north after the charnel house of the Somme, the Canadians plan for their most difficult operation of the war to date.
For King and Empire TV Series Ep.4: Slaughter in the Mud
After gaining a reputation for excellence at Vimy, the sodden mud of Flanders would be their greatest challenge of the war.
For King and Empire TV Series Ep.5: Masters of War
After eighteen months of great victories the Canadians would be asked to break the back of the German Army.
For King and Empire TV Series Ep.6: Shadows of the Great War
This episode looks at the aftermath of the war.
Greatest Tank Battles Ep.1: The Battle of 73 Easting
During the 1991 Gulf War, the American 2nd Armoured Cavalry ran into Iraq's elite Republican Guard Tank force in a sandstorm and ignited the greatest tank battle since the Second World War.
Greatest Tank Battles Ep.2: The Battle for The Golan Heights
In 1973, Syria launched a surprise attack against Israel, with Israel having to hold off 2,000 Syrian tanks while outnumbered 10 to 1.
Greatest Tank Battles Ep.3: Battles of North Africa
The struggle for North Africa saw Rommel's Afrika Corps battling Montgomery's Eighth Army in three major battles at El Alamein in 1942 that were the turning point of the desert war.
Greatest Tank Battles Ep.4: The Battle of the Bulge
The Battle of the Bulge - SS Panzer Attack
Greatest Tank Battles Ep.5: The Battle of the Hochwald Gap
Operation Blockbuster: The Battle of the Hochwald Gap. February 1945. The Canadian 2nd Division assembles over 1,000 tanks to launch an attack into the Rhineland in an attempt to crack open the German heartland. Their casualties are heavy as they meet fanatical Nazi resistance.
Greatest Tank Battles Ep.6: The Battle of Normandy
D-Day June 6th, 1944. The Allies land on the coast of Normandy, France. The 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade has to fight its way inland past ruthless German forces led by the elite 12th SS-Panzer Division Hitlerjugend.
Greatest Tank Battles Ep.7: The Battle of Arracourt
September 18th, 1944. When Patton's 3rd Army threatens to breach the German border near Arracourt, France, Hitler desperately deploys hundreds of panzers in a huge tank-vs-tank clash. Arracourt at that time, was the largest tank battle involving U.S. forces on the Western Front.
Greatest Tank Battles Ep.8: Northern Front
The Battle of Kursk was the largest tank battle in history, involving some 6,000 tanks. July 5th, 1944. German and Soviet forces clash on the Eastern Front near Kursk in the Soviet Union. The battle begins with the German offensive "Operation Citadel" that has the objective of pinching off the Kursk salient with simultaneous attacks from the north and the south.
Greatest Tank Battles Ep.8: Southern Front
The Battle of Kursk marked the decisive end of the German offensive capability on the Eastern Front, clearing the way for the great Soviet offensives of 1944 – 1945 and the final defeat of Hitler.
Igor Gouzenko and the start of the Cold War in Canada
There have been few times in the History of the World when Canada has been Centre Stage. There were a few during the Great War, but the last time was certainly D-Day ... or was it?
Lost Battlefields
A supplemental documentary to the For King & Empire TV Series.
Manotick War Memorial
War Memorials are an integral part of our ability to connect to our history. They are central to our act of Remembrance.
Searching for Vimy's Lost Soldiers
Covers Norm Christie’s quest to find and recover forty-four Canadian burials in the lost Vimy cemetery, CA40.
Secret Liberators
The Episode deals with four Canadians, who as part of the Special Operations Executive, ran underground operations against the Nazi occupiers, and provided a spirit of resistance to the isolated French people.
Strange Battleground
Norm follows the battles of the 25th Canadian Infantry Brigade in May 1951, to Chail-Li, the advance to the Jamestown Line; the Peace Talks at Pamunjom, and the Chinese offensive against the Canadians at The Sangok Position, and the tremendous defence of the Saddle at Hill 355 in November 1951.
Striking Back
Battlefields, cemeteries and memorials of the legacy and sacrifice of Canadians in the Dieppe Raid and Bomber Command.
The Collectors
The Collectors features Alex Caldwell, a young Canadian soldier who died of wounds during the Battle of the Somme in 1916, recounted through the remarkable commemorative collection of Gary Roncetti.
The Great War Tour Ep.1: Master of War
In this show Norm retraces the path of Canada's greatest Soldier, Arthur Currie, and examines how this general, the most successful general of The Great War, won his brilliant victories, and was later ignored and forgotten.
The Great War Tour Ep.2: The Missing
Few realize that 20,000 of the 60,000 Canadians killed in the Great War are Missing. In this Episode Norm shows how we can solve some of the mysteries of The Missing. It explains the many reasons so many soldiers simply vanished from the battlefields. There is particular reference to the missing cemetery that contains 44 soldiers of the Canadian Scottish (including William Milne VC), killed April 9th, 1917 on the Vimy battlefield, CA40.
The Great War Tour Ep.3: Sacred Places
One of the legacies of The Great War are the 100s of War Cemeteries that mark the old battlefields. As no remains could be repatriated these cemeteries are time capsules that allow us to understand the grief and sacrifice of that period. Norm explains how these incredible cemeteries came about and what each grave and each cemetery tells us about the First World War.
The Great War Tour Ep.4: The Vimy Pilgrimage
In July 1936 the largest peacetime armada in Canadian History set sail for France, a grand Pilgrimage for the Unveiling of Canada's National Memorial on Vimy Ridge. The episode chronicles the post-war period, the Veteran's Movement, and the significance of the Vimy Pilgrimage. It was the bitter-sweet swansong of the Great war Generation.
The Great War Tour Ep.5: Master of War 1
The Director's Cut. This is a two-hour version on Arthur Currie, with many more dramatic sequences explaining the stunning achievements of the greatest General of the Great War.
The Great War Tour Ep.6: Master of War 2
The Director's Cut. This is a two-hour version on Arthur Currie, with many more dramatic sequences explaining the stunning achievements of the greatest General of the Great War.
The Great War Tour Ep.7: GrandDad's War
Millions of Canadians have Great War roots. This is the story of one Canadian's family's Great War roots, Norm's family.
The Great War Tour Ep.8: The Wounded
This episode covers the dangers encountered by Medical Staff, in particular, nurses.
The Path Ahead
The Mohawks of Akwesasne in the Saint Lawrence Valley in Ontario and the Nlaka’pamux in the Stein Valley of British Columbia are featured in this 1991 exploration of the Native people’s response to pollution of their environment. With Graham Greene.
The Power of the Land
Using powerful testimonials and rare archival footage, the film conveys how colliding perspectives of the land and development must be reconciled in the years to come to ensure indigenous and global environmental survival.
The Riot at Christie Pits
The Riot at Christie Pits exposes the roots of racism focusing on Canada's worst race riot.
The Trench
The Elgin’s 31 Combat Engineer Regiment build a trench based on construction plans originally used in World War 1, Belgium and France, 1914 - 1918
Toronto the Good
Eyewitnesses to the riot recall life in Toronto during the 1920s and 1930s.
War of Patrols
Norm takes the viewer over the battlefields of 1952-53, when the war changed from a war of movement to a stalemate, as both sides dig in and await the final outcome of the Peace Talks. It becomes a deadly cat and mouse game of waiting, watching and patrolling, a war that costs 250 Canadian lives. Episode ends when the war finally concludes in July 1953.